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Learn about the world of investment banking, including positions within the industry, private vs. public, and the life of an analyst.


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We offer resources that are meant to help introduce you into the career of investment banking. We wish to share our knowledge to better prepare you for a successful career in the industry. 

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Investment Banking Interviews

In order to be a successful interviewee, you should be prepared to talk about a variety of topics, including markets, the bank and yourself.


Become an expert in Interest Rates, Bonds, Inflation, Business cash flow reports, Time Value of Money and more!

Private Equity

Private equity is the investment in the equity of companies not traded in the public markets. Learn the deal process and more.

Career Advice

We provide career coaching and admission consulting through our partner business Do Better Academy.

About the WSW Team

Our intent, in creating this website, is to extend our knowledge and experience to students with an interest in investment banking careers who may not know where to start. This guide has been written with the assistance and feedback of experienced professionals who have advised us along our journey. As an international student coming from a non-core school, our founder found that breaking into the investment banking industry was very challenging and at times, demoralizing. However, we believe that any driven student who is willing to work hard enough can achieve his or her goal to work in this highly competitive, but extremely rewarding field. We hope that this guide will provide insight to those students interested in investment banking and we wish them the best of luck.

Do you want to be an Analyst?

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If you’re an incoming analyst, you’re looking to earn that top bucket bonus and work on the best deals your bank gets. Regardless of the position that you’re in, having a positive Attitude, paying attention to Detail, managing down time Efficiently, and being Social are key elements to growing your business.

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