Where to Live (NYC)

Unless you attend(ed) a school in the city or are from the area, you most likely don’t really know what your best options are for living in New York City. Whether it’s for an internship or a full-time position, below are some of your options that are historically known to fit people’s needs and wants.

Summer Internship Housing

  • NYU Dorms
    • Comprised of multi-bedroom suites in traditional or apartment-style residence halls
    • Most convenient locations for the majority of banks’ offices
    • Spots fill up extremely fast so apply as soon as possible
    • Email: housing@nyu.edu
  • NYC Intern
    • Types of room layouts are limited, but still fulfill all of your needs
    • Location is convenient for most offices
    • Email: nycintern@tkc.edu
  • AirBnb
    • Though not always the easiest route to take, this is always a good last-resort option, or possibly a way to get a good price on a real apartment

Full-Time Locations

  • Murray Hill Area
    • Another one of the more popular places to live for analysts who have offices located farther north (around Midtown)
  • Brooklyn
    • Though not as popular as the others, Brooklyn is becoming an increasingly popular place for analysts due to its similar commute time, but more reasonable prices

When conducting your search for full-time housing, Craig’s List can be a good resource for apartment listings. You can also use a broker, which might sound negative to you if you have heard of broker fees. However, these fees are not necessarily a bad thing as brokers will sometimes have access to better apartments with lower rent than non-fee apartments. If the fee pays itself in less than two years, then it’s worth it, so keep that in mind.